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This distinctive logo features the name of the organization it represents, against the background of a mlticolored rectangle logo starting yellow, red, pink blue This family owned business is best known for the racing events it governs. The left half is light blue, with a red vertical cross, while the righthand half is a darker blue, with a green snake, a sword with a red handle and a golden crown.

Founded in 1910, in Milan, Italy, this car brand was owned by the countrys state holding company for over five decades. How many companies use a logo that's broken up into four red, green, yellow, and blue squarish pieces? Google recently changed their favicon to this pattern, so I now use three servicesproducts (that I know of, there could be more) with very similar logos. Nov 21, 2013 Another answer: The first three are blue, red, yellow.

These represent the primary colors when dealing with the arts. When developing software, however, the color scale is RGB, which is why the next 3 colors are Red green and blue. Category: Blue and yellow logos. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Bicolor logos Gray and red Gray and white Gray and yellow Green and orange Green and purple Green and red Green and white Green and yellow Blue is also known to curb appetites, and although it is not as attentiongrabbing as colors like red or yellow, blue is also the most popular favorite color of both men and women.

Red green blue yellow logo means that it is universally wellliked a great quality in an image that is meant to be associated with your company. Why is the combination of BlueGreenYellowRed squares or letters such a popular scheme used in many logos of tech companies? The popular examples being the Windows Flag icon, Google logo and the Google Chrome logo, CMake logo (triangle), Ebay logo This Logo Quiz display one logo one time, and you have five live only. If you looking for other answers and cheats from other websites, they show you all of the logos, I think you will spend more times to find out the answer and your eyes will get tired first.

Red, blue, yellow, and green are the four colours that make up the square of squares in Microsofts new corporate logo (note that these colours can

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