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The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U. S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the In 1970, the Postal Reorganization Act transformed the Post Office Department into the United States Postal Service. The standing eagle was adopted as the Postal Services official seal. Eagles are powerful, stately, determined and undeniably American, which reflects the spirit of the Postal Service and its employees.

Get information on the use of U. S. Postal Service logos, common uses of those logos, and what fee may be required. USPS Corporate Signature Two elementsthe Eagle Symbol and the corporate logotypecombine to form our corporate signature, the cornerstone of the USPS corporate identity. Congressman Says USPS Is Hiding Report on Results of Service Cutbacks Find this Pin and more on Postal Service Logos by Windu Nugrahanto.

Federal employee of the year charged with stealing mail. APLUS promotes the goals of the United States Postal Service, unify and mentor AfricanAmerican EASPCES employees and to monitor the statistical progress of minorities in hiring, promotions, separations, details and assignments while forming beneficial alliances with organizations such as the NAACP, LUNA, NETWORK, The American Postal Workers Union claims more bats have infested Albuquerques main post office on Broadway.

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The Support Services Division represents APWU bargaining unit members at Information Technology Accounting Service Centers, Operating Services facilities, Mail Equipment Shops and Material Distribution Centers, as well This list of national postal services shows the individual national postal administrations of the world's states.

All countries, with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have a single national postal service. APWU POWER (Post Office Women for Equal Rights) is the womens committee within the American Postal Workers Union. It unites women, with their special concerns, yet works within the framework of the national APWU organization. The United States Postal Service: An American History tells this story and introduces you to people, events, and developments affecting postal and national history.

For centuries, our universal mail system has strengthened the bonds of American Philatelist. September issue. Archives. Join APS and receive the magazine each month. usps postal tshirt dark navy full 2 color postal logo on chest all sizes s 6x

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