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design elements, history and evolution of google chrome logo Shape and Colors of the Google Chrome Logo The current version of the Google Chrome logo comprises of a wellbalanced twodimensional geometric orb that features four colors namely red, yellow, green and blue all standard Google colors. Discover the history of the iconic Google logo and why they've stayed consistent with branding in our blog.

The Google logo appears in numerous settings to identify the search engine company. Google has relied on several logos since its renaming (see History of Google), with the first logo created by Sergey Brin using GIMP.

A revised logo debuted on September 1, 2015. The previous logo, with slight modifications between 1999 and 2013, was What do the Colors in the Google Logo Mean? Though Google is famous for frequently changing the logo on the websites homepage to reflect current events and important days in history, the web giants primary logo has changed very little over the years.

How Google Got Its Colorful Logo. In just a few short years, Google's logo has become as recognizable as Nike's swoosh and NBC's peacock. Ruth Kedar, the graphic designer who developed the now Googles logo has changed very little over the years, but the History Of The Google Logo has changed to celebrate holidays and recognize various events. Google launched in 1998, but LogoMyWay has wondered just what the companys logo would have looked like in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s had they been around.

The Story Behind the Google Logo Color Pattern. By Sourabh July 29, 2012 Category: How To, Social Media, Technology. Google is well known for its colourful logo. The current official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is a wordmark based on the Catull typeface.

wikipedia. Google reveals in its blog that its intention behind the logo revamp is to take its old logo and brand and update them for the new world of technological advancements, where traditional PCs have been replaced with smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

The Inspiration Behind The Logo Design of Google Chrome Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 17, 2012 This may be just another coincidence but there are some elements that seem to be common between the logo designs of Google Chrome and that of ThinkFree.

The Google logo is one of the most iconic logos History behind google logo history. The simple letters and basic colors used are recognized by internet users around the world and have become synonymous with internet searching. The logo has had the same basic structure since the companys inception over 20 years ago. While Recent launch of Googles new logo on September 1, 2015 has been well received by the masses.

It takes Google back to its roots, i. e. to its parent company Alphabet. The new logo bears resemblance to the Alphabet logotype. Product Sans has been the font used by Google since September 2015 Is there meaning behind the Google Chrome icon? If so, what is it? Update Cancel. Read more: History and origin of Google chrome logo. 36 Views View Upvoters. Dhruv Sakalley. Answered Mar 10, 2016. History behind google logo is the history behind the Google

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