#lightbox image width auto height auto

Is there a way to explicitely tell the css to create the lightbox to something like 150px wide and 150height for example and ecompass this size without having to modify the image? Hope that is clear.

Hence I am looking for the way to apply the fix width and height to lightbox so that every image must be displayed with this size in lightbox.

Please help. Update use responsive image gallery plugins which display your images, when they are clicked by resizing them according to the width and height of your screen. a good one would be shadowbox or yoxview. share improve this answer I am using this lightbox and I was wanting to know is there away to scale the image to a particular size I have tried maxheight and maxwidth but they are not setting correctly.

lightbox image size restriction. Ask Question. CSS background image to fit width, height should autoscale in proportion. 315. CSS Image size, how to fill How do you autoresize a large image so that it will fit into a smaller width div container whilst maintaining it's width: height ratio?

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Mar #lightbox image width auto height auto, 2014# lightbox img width: auto; height: auto; I know I need to play with it a little more but I was able to change a few settings and make my HUGE images now auto resize to a max size. I hope this will be a starting point for anyone else who ever has this issue. This just saved me so much time and trouble. To adjust the dimension of lightbox you can use additional function to find the height, width of the image being displayed and can apply these to the lightbox window.

I have created a fiddle for this, please see here: function to calculate and apply dimensions: Well add a padding to the overlay and stretch it over the whole viewport by setting the width and height to auto (its actually not needed explicitely) and set the right and bottom to 0px.

Remember, weve already set the top and left before. Hi a thread on this topic was started but never resolved so I am asking again. I have designed an artist's site and used light box to show the larger images. Sep 12, 2013  LIVE DOWNLOAD LINK: jQuery Lightbox Plugin 0. 5 The JQuery lightbox plugin written by Leandro Vieira Pinho needs to be modified in goal to make it responsive and here is how you can do it: You need to do it by finding this (bolded) lines in and update it like this: settings jQuery.

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raw download clone embed report print CSS 1. 93 KB. # lightbox position: fixed; left: 0; width: 100; zindex: 100; textalign: center; lineheight: 0; zindex: 1; After some hair pulling I managed to piece together an auto height solution for Fancybox iframes, but this technique could also be used without Fancybox to find the height of any iframe. 22 Comments to jQuery and Fancybox: How to automatically set the height of an iframe lightbox in short to automatically set the height and the

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