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Jul 01, 2009 Whats the clothes brand with this bird logo? (description)? Hi, i saw a really nice top on someone the other day but i dont know what brand its by, it was a polo shirt with what looked like a pheasant with a top hat and walking stick. sorry if i'm completely off the mark! ) Brand: American Eagle Bird: Eagle American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is an American clothing and accessories.

the logo of the company was made to changes to its products and leadership. The Flying Eagle is the very popular and attractive logo. Here is a great list of famous clothing company logos that have made the biggest impact on the clothing sector over the past 50 years. Feb 07, 2009 I saw a lady wearing nice skirt that had a symbol of a flying bird on it. What clothing brand could it be? I was chicken and I didn't ask her like I should have This North American clothing line wanted a logo that would be highly patriotic.

What better symbol than the native bird, the eagle. This logo is a silhouette of the bird in flight, with its keen eyesight indicating the clear focus of the company and its What clothing brand has an ornate bird cage on it' Bookmark Share Post.

Options. Subscribe to RSS Feed; Just curious if anyone knows who makes this article of clothing? There is no wording on the tag but has a separate size tag attached beside the logo tag. Hope someone can help. 0 Helpful Kudo Answer. Comments (0) Comments American Eagle, as the native national bird of America became a perfect inspiration and fit for the brand name and the silhouette of eagle became their logo.

Banana Republic: The company started small as a creative fashion and travel adventure clothing company and themed on jungle and safaris. 23 Made In America Clothing Brands You Should Know The less depressing reason to buy Americanmade clothes is simple: supporting American manufacturing jobs. The brand behind your favorite

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