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MEET TEAM PEKITI Board of Directors, Board of Tactical Advisors, Certified Instructors, and Strategic Partnerships Pekiti Tirsia Kali Trainingsruppe Wiesbaden Pekiti Tirsia Wustems Location: Dojo der Polizeiakademie Hessen The only Instructor who has any PTTA affiliation and has been authorized to use the PTTA name or logo pekiti tirsia logo The Pekiti Tirsia logo represents principles within the art of Kali as well as elements of the Philippine culture. KA The symbol in the middle of the Pekiti Tirsia logo is the word ka written in the Baybayin alphabet used in the Philippines before the Spanish arrived.

Here is our Tshirt with a gold logo design for Pekiti Tirsia Kali. This is one of the uniform shirt options for students of the Tactical Arts Academy Pekiti Tirsia class. Seen here is our new Pekiti Tirsia large logo Tshirt.

This shirt is an American Apparel Tshirt which has an athletic fit for the smaller sizes. Jul 30, 2014 The PekitiTirsia Kali (PTK) logo is also like an onion with may layers of symbolic meaning.

The PTK logo is comprised of (1) the syllable" Ka"(2) a sun, (3) a triangle, and (4) a circle of three arrows. PekitiTirsia Kali Triangle Logo Here you'll find products that display the tradition PekitiTirsia logo which has been placed within a triangular border.

We are a Los Angeles California Based SelfDefense Training Group. Teaching the Authentic PekitiTirsia Kali System of Close Quarters Combat Blade Fighting. We are affiliated with the PekitiTirsia Kali Global Organization (PTKGO), under the direct authority, supervision and leadership of Tuhon Tim Waid. Pekiti Tirsia Kali Hangkilan, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Phone: (652) 879-9233 x 5577

Email: [email protected]