Seattles best logo redesign

May 14, 2010 One of the toughest things a company can do is introduce a new corporate logo, and Seattle's Best Coffee, a unit of Starbucks (SBUX), is finding that out this week as its new brand was greeted Additionally, Seattles Best will be dispensing coffee via vending machines, although Im not clear how or where.

Along with this announcement, a radically new logo has been introduced, designed by Seattle ad agency Creature. Seattle's Best Coffee Logo Design and History Seattle's Best Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington. It is also owned by Starbucks, which purchased the company in 2003. What started as" Stewart Brothers Coffee" in the 70's became" Seattles Best Coffee" upon winning a competition in Washington.

We've been dedicated to creating Smooth Roasted Premium Coffee since our very first blend named after a cat named Henry who warmed himself up next to our roasters. Be sure to check out our list of the best and worst logo redesigns from 2014 as well. 1. CareerBuilder. Let's start this off with a bang. CareerBuilder might win the prize for the most universally hated new logo of 2015.

Their old logo was a fairly simple, condensed wordmark with a nice color scheme. Often, its a wise investment to have our professional logo redesign experts makeover your logo especially if youve undergone a brand redesign or updated your website recently. Getting a new logo will show your customers your business is current, and has evolved to stay fresh and relevant. The primary logo depicts the Space Needle, instantly associated with the city, in green on a yellow field.

Around the neck of the needle circles a jet, an homage to the name" Supersonics" which references Boeing's Supersonic Transport. Industry Consumer products Tags# packaging# seattle's best coffee In May of this year we reported on the drastic redesign of Seattles Best Coffee.

Our super scientific polls revealed that out of 4, 542 votes, 46 were of the opinion that such a big change was a bad move and 25 thought it was a smart one.

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