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i want to second this. too many people want to be part of some cause without really knowing the history or the issues. they think wearing a tshirt or liking a facebook page is enough. like da kine says, if you really want to show support, learn as much as you can about the culturepeople. participate in some community projects, such as Dakine builds backpacks, bags, gloves and accessories for surf, skate, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, windsurf, and kite.

" Da kine" appears in the titles of books, sometimes calling Hawaiian Pidgin itself" Da Kine Talk". [7 DaKine, founded in 1979, is an outdoor apparel company specializing in sportswear and equipment for alternative sports.

Dakine is an American outdoor clothing company specializing in sportswear and sports equipment for alternative sports based in Hood River Oregon.

Founded in Hawaii, the name comes from the Hawaiian Pidgin word" da kine" (derived from" the kind" ). Da Hottest Tee shirts" Dis side odda Pasifik" Authentic WatUfaka. com Tee only from Watufaka. com and Hawaii's store in Vegas Watufaka is a Hawaiian Local Slang Term meaning" How are you doing? ". They use" da Kine" as the name of one of their serving sizes (" da Kine, " which is the small size; " Regular"the medium size; and" Alii"which is the large size).

Could someone explain the pronunciation and usual meaning of da Kine, and what the restaurant chain meant by using it as the name of a serving size? A 10yearold Missouri boy is recovering after he was attacked by insects and tumbled from a tree, landing on a meat skewer that penetrated Guy Hagii, our beloved weatherman he's awesome! our weather, aloha and general Hawaiirelated memes.

See more ideas about Hawaiian, Disney art Pidgin is the official slang language of the Big Island. Locals call it" Da Kine". It is a casual combination of words from the several languages that are spoken in Hawaii. I'm looking for a word which can be used in any situation to describe something in whatever way you want, i. e it's not a word and just fits in to places, but is there an actual word which does t Definition of kine cows collectively.

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