Fictional airline logos

The logo design you choose needs to be something you will brand your company with for the long haul. It can be beneficial to review your competitions logos to see where the logo is successful and where it fails.

Imagery. When designing aviation company logos, the first image you think of is undoubtedly an airplane. Find this Pin and more on Fictional Corporate Logos by Barry Ross Rinehart.

Oceanic Airlines was the fictional airline that operated Flight 815 which crashed on the Island. Oceanic Airlinesif I HAD to be in a plane crash I would choose Flight 815 Oceanic Airlines logo image in png format. Size: 915 x 1024 pixels. Branding a organization with a unique airline logo is important and when it comes to airline then it is very important to make a change in your logo designs.

Inspiration Logo Design 35 Airline Logo Designs. April 26, 2016. This is a fictional logo concept for air lines. Source. Dream Flight. Source. Tasmania Airways Identity. Oceanic Airlines is the most advanced form of fictional airline. Before the show started, ABC started a TV campaign to promoted it: Oceanic Airlines 815 is the SYDLAX flight that crashed during the pilot, on an island full of mysteries that fascinated the world during six years.

Oceanic Airlines, and less frequently, Oceanic Airways, is the name of a fictional airline used in several films, television programs, and comic books; typically works that feature plane crashes and other aviation disasters, with You rarely see reallife airline companies in movies, and for good reason planes in the movies are always being overrun by snakes, art thieves, the undead, and that actor who plays Hercule Poirot.

Dec 01, 2016 Top 10 Airline Logos Dec 1, 2016 Branding, Design Inspiration, Logo Design 11 comments With so many different airline companies to choose from when booking your flight, part of the decision will inevitably come down to which company stands out through logo design and brand identity.

List of fictional companies. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (2) Share. This is MidCentral Airlines Planes, Trains and Automobiles; Trans Continental Airlines (TCA) the logo of the company's name looks like that of the reallife cargo airlines

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