Salesforce saml single logout

I am attempting to use SPinitiated SLO with SalesForce (trying Redirect and POST) Salesforce saml single logout the following LogoutRequest: samlp: LogoutRequest xmln Currently SalesForce does not implement SAML Single Logout profile. It only supports setting up a GET Logout URL provided by the Identity Provider.

This is not compliant with SAML 2. 0 especification Salesforce supports only frontchannel SAML Single Logout for which Salesforce is the identity provider and service providers are registered for Single I stand corrected. We are using the developer edition of Salesforce and the SAML settings included a Custom Logout URL field for nonSAML logout but no Single Logout Enabled checkbox, single logout URL or binding. To configure SAML settings for single signon from your corporate identity provider to Salesforce: Gather information from your identity provider.

Provide information to The IdP will then send a SAML logout request to all authenticated service provider applications, including SalesForce. However, I cannot find any information on what SalesForce url will accept the SAML logout request.

Tip: Configure single logout (SLO) to automatically log out a user from both Salesforce and the identity provider. As the service provider, Salesforce supports SAML SLO when How SAML2 Single Logout Works First, lets understand the single logout work flow that is initiated by SP Please note here, i am using Single SignOn Implementation Guide Salesforce, Spring 17 such as the URLs for the start and logout pages. 3. Configure Salesforce using the instructions in Configure SAML Settings for Single SignOn.

this step takes place in Salesforce. Your identity provider sends SAML assertions to Salesforce using the SAML Web Single Signon

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