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Mar 04, 2016 (The partition is set to active as we can see that it boots but gets stuck at the Windows Logo). The desktop computer I am using is a HP (Just in case you're wondering this is some problem with Samsung computers). Dec 22, 2012 Windows 8 stuck on Windows logo When I turned on my computer, it got passed the windows logo but there was a blue screen saying CriticalProcessDied.

After restarting my computer, it went into automatic recovery but it failed, asking me to manually do a system restore. Windows 8. 1 stuck at windows logo, no loop. I've tried repairing it with a restore drive, it just takes me to the same blue logo. Windows 8. 1 stuck at logo screen; Dec 29, 2014 Problem Windows 8 won't boot, stuck on logo screen.

Thread starter Moose; Start date Aug 6, 2013; M. Moose. Level 22. Aug 6, 2013# 1. Joined Jun 14, 2011 Messages 2, 274. Did you recover the OS from the Factory Recovery Partition or 'Reset' in Windows 8?

Moose said: Windows 8. 1 stuck on logo loading screen when booting. Type 'Recovery' at the Start Screen and choose Create a Recovery Drive (from Settings W8). solved Windows 8. 1 stuck at logo screen Feb 20, 2015  Learn how you can fix problem with Windows 8 stuck on boot up logo. When starting the computer you may windows 8 stuck under many different scenarios. Fix Problem With Computer Stuck Laptop runs for 1 week then gets stuck at windows logo forever Forum Solved ASUS X551CA stuck at windows 8.

1 logo screen Forum [ASUS[Windows 10Stuck at Asus logo screen without circle Forum Aug 23, 2013 Windows 8 stuck on restore? Windows 8 stuck at logo screen? Windows 8 computer stuck? Windows 8 Stuck on the start screen? More questions. Windows 8 stuck in BootLoop? HELP! WINDOWS 8 LAPTOP STUCK IN LOADOUT SCREEN! ? Answer Questions. My Windows 8 installation is currently refusing to boot up correctly.

It appears to be stuck on the screen with the Windows logo and spinning circle. The circle continues to spin but does not do an Jun 24, 2013 I tried shiftf11 and attempted to do a system restore, but the system is so new there is no set date to restore it to. I tried f8 and nothing happened. Windows 8 stuck at logo screen? I get stuck on windows 8 loading screen, what to do. ? EaseUS will offer you complete solutions to fix Windows 1087 stuck on startupbootloading screen issue here now: Method 1.

Restart Windows 1087 in Mar 12, 2017 Stuck on windows 10 logo on start up! Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by DarienJMM, Mar 12, 2017. If I turn it off and back on after it freezes it says preparing automatic repair and the gets stuck just like the windows logo.

If that's a factorybrand computer that came with a builtin factory restore partition, what brand It's stuck after that windows logo, showing black screen instead of login. What should I do? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Installation of Windows 8. 1 is stuck on the logo sign, what should I do? When started you may first start System restore to undo changes you may have done OR Choose to run in safe mode.

To see if it boots. Windows 10 stuck on System Reset Windows 8 restore stuck logo Stuck in system restore Solved Need help with getting Asus laptop to boot into Windows (failed reset, stuck at logo) Stuck on startup screen.

Ask Question. up vote 3 down vote favorite. 1. @DominatorX I actually cant do a system restore, because I don't have the windows cd, and it asks for it Universeking222 Jul 14 '15 at 13: 52.

Windows 8. 1 stuck in a boot loop says boot device unknown. 0. Sep 01, 2016  Windows 10: Windows Factory Reset Failed and now stuck in hp logo boot loop Windows Factory Reset Failed and now stuck in hp logo boot loop So today, I have decided to reset my pc and it just got stuck in a nonstop start up loop.

or have recovery discs (less likely these days)? Did you ever make System Restore

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